Sunday, 23 June 2013


     There are literally thousands of book blogs out here in the wonderful world of cyberspace. Many have been around for ages. Many have brought us book nerds great things to add on our To-Be-Read lists. Many have introduced us to amazing writers and stories. 

     Alas, there are also many out there who have made us shake our heads with their one-star for books we loved, and five-stars for those that made us cringe and think, "what a waste of paper". 

     This is why two sisters, myself (Rightie) and Leftie, have decided to create our own book blog. We decided that, perhaps, there might just be space for one (or two) more voice out there. A place where we can write about own views on books from different genres and areas of interests. Hopefully, someone out there can make use of them, like an unused napkin....

      Our rating system will be as follows:
1 napkin= Please throw it away and flush it down the toilet.
2 napkins= It would've been in the trash if not for some okay parts.
3 napkins= It can go either way. 
4 napkins= It's on the top shelf.
5 napkins= It's on a special place, easily accessed for a re-read.

     Most reviews will be done individually by either myself or Leftie, except for some books where we have differing opinions. We will then discuss the book together in the post. Fun, right?

     That's it for now. Hope you all stick around and enjoy this literary adventure with us.



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