Thursday, 1 August 2013

Top 5 Favourite Ukulele Books

I know...I know....This is a book blog, and not a music-oriented one. Since I love both books and ukuleles, however, I thought I'd do a post that combines both of my obsessions. Makes sense, right?...Right?

I would admit that this post is partly to encourage anyone reading this to pick up a ukulele and start playing (if you haven't done so). It really is the easiest and the most fun instrument to play:) With that being said, here are my fave books on the topic.

(Background: I'm self-taught, and picked the uke for the first time in 2009. My ukulele book collection is by no means extensive. These are just the ones I love.:) The books I have are for beginners to more advanced players.)

5) The Complete What Ukulele Players Really Want To Know by Barry Maz
This is a great introductory e-book for the beginners who want to know the basics, such as what to look for when buying an ukulele, what strings are good and how to change them, and all that fun stuff. This doesn't teach you chords or anything like that, but does have a small section on music theory. Great read even for intermediate players. Barry Maz wrote this book as if he's talking to you as a friend:)

4) Ukulele Method Books 1 and 2 by Lil' Rev
Great beginner's books for the self-learner. Clear explanation of chords and strumming patterns, with songs to go along with the lessons.. Highly recommend these two.

3) Ukulele Fretboard Roadmaps by Fred Sokolow and Jim Beloff
Bought this when I first just started playing, but I'm still working through this book. I honestly think that if you can master this book, you are an Ukulele Jedi.

2)) 101 Ukulele Tips: Stuff All the Pros Know and Use by Fred Sokolow and Ronny Schiff
So much info in less than 100 pages. Cannot rave enough about this book. Not only does it have great tips (ie.#52 Record yourself.), but I finally understood a bit about the whole Circle of Fifths because of this book.

1) Ukulele Exercises for Dummies by Brett McQueen

My current #1 fave because this book has improved my finger-picking a lot! The book is divided into three sections, and you can pick and choose which part you want to concentrate on. First part deals with strumming, second deals with finger-picking and last section deals with mastering the fretboard. So many great exercises, and I love the fact that you get to listen to the samples online.

And there you have it. My top ukulele books. I purposely didn't include song books coz that's really very subjective (depending on what music you like).

If you're a uke player, drop us a comment below. :) Would love to hear from you!


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