Wednesday, 8 March 2017

REVIEW: Run by Kristi Beckhart

by Kristi Beckhart


Single mom.
Ph.D. candidate.
Cocktail waitress.
I didn’t plan it this way, but sometimes things happen.
I didn’t plan to leave my family and friends behind, but sometimes circumstances change.
I didn’t plan to fall for anyone, but then I met Jonathan Drazen’s friend, Sam. He wants things I’m not sure I can give, but I can’t seem to stay away.
I lost control of my life before, but I took it all back.
Until my past threatens to show its ugly face and ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for.
My name is Yvonne, but you can call me Eve, and I vow to never lose control again.



I tell ya, CD Reiss’ Drazen world is the gift that keeps on giving. From Jonathan and Monica’s world came a world of possibilities, thanks to CD and these authors, most of them new, who took on pockets of Jonathan and Monica’s lives to create stories different and refreshing on their own.

Kristi took on Yvonne, Monica’s friend, otherwise known as Eve to her friends, and her relationship that blossomed with one of Jonathan’s friend, Sam. Whodathunk! WTG, Kristi!

The timeline for this story ran almost concurrently with that of Jonathan and Monica’s. Eve is a single mom who has a lot on her plate. In came Sam, the distraction that she doesn’t necessarily need, but just like with any good distraction, all that doesn’t matter. I liked how Kristi portrayed Eve. It’s how I imagined she will be. She’s got chutzpah. She’s strong and very independent. Interestingly enough, where Kristi took Sam is what surprised me, in a good way. This reimagining by Kristi, as a whole, surprised me, in a good way. Eve and Sam together are quite delish. The heat, I felt it alright *g* It’s insta-lust, but who cares!:D

As a novella, it’s a good story that can stand on its own but Kristi also laid out a good foundation to expand their story. Giving me a bit of Sam’s POV at the end was enticing and that last nugget of info was a nice hook. Depending where Kristi takes this, it has the potential to be a remarkable read.

If you can’t tell yet, this is coming from a reader who’s really familiar with, and a huge fan, at that, of CD’s series that spawned this. On that note, my review probably felt out of context, esp if you’re not familiar with CD’s series. But if nothing else, just know that I really enjoyed this quick read. For a debut work, I’d say Kristi did alright, or more than alright I should say. As she grows with her writing, it will only get much better.

About the Author

Kristi Beckhart is a hopeless romantic who lives in the upper Midwest and likes to write sexy books. Story ideas have lived in her heart for a long time, and fanfic seemed a good place to start. Especially Drazen fanfic based on the characters from CD Reiss' Submission series.

When not reading or writing, she can be found either on social media or exploring the great outdoors with the puppy. Fan of books, cooking and classical music. Lover of all things coffee, tacos ... and sometimes a little whiskey.

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