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PROMO TOUR: Oversight (The Community, Book 2) by Santino Hassell

***NOTE: (Updated Mar 2018) Leaving my review on this one as I received an ARC for this and I want to hold up my end of the bargain. This is no way a denial of those hurt by the author and and I actually do want to give a shout out to all the brave souls who bared themselves and told their stories. May they find the healing they deserve.)***

OVERSIGHT by Santino Hassell
Series: The Community, Book #2
 Publisher: Riptide Publishing
 Release Date (Print & Ebook): June 26th, 2017
 Length (Print & Ebook): 242 pages
 Subgenre: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal

Book Blurb:

Spoiler Alert! The following blurb contains spoilers for Insight, book one of The Community.

Holden Payne has it all . . . or so he thinks. As heir to the founder of the Community—an organization that finds, protects, and manages psychics—he’s rich, powerful, and treated like royalty. But after a series of disappearances and murders rock the Community, he’s branded the fall guy for the scandal and saddled with a babysitter.

Sixtus Rossi is a broad-shouldered, tattooed lumbersexual with a man-bun and a steely gaze. He’s also an Invulnerable—supposedly impervious to both psychic abilities and Holden’s charms. It’s a claim Holden takes as a challenge. Especially if sleeping with Six may help him learn whether the Community had more to do with the disappearances than they claimed.

As Holden uncovers the truth, he also finds himself getting in deep with the man sent to watch him. His plan to seduce Six for information leads to a connection so intense that some of Six’s shields come crashing down. And with that comes a frightening realization: Holden has to either stand by the Community that has given him everything, or abandon his old life to protect the people he loves.


Six was sitting behind the desk, once again clad in a skintight polo buttoned up all the way but this time paired with cargo pants. As he sat on the edge of the chair with his thighs spread, Holden was waiting for all those muscles to burst the seams.

"Why do you dress like an extra from Jersey Shore?"

"I'd have to pop my collar for that." He only paused in his typing when a surprised laugh fell from Holden’s mouth. Raising an eyebrow at me, Six said, "Was I not supposed to get the reference?"

"Well, you're a cyborg so I didn't think you would."

Six turned in the chair so he was facing Holden. He had on his default neutral face, but a slight twitch of his brow and lip betrayed possible amusement at the comment. Was there some getting through to him after all, or were they destined to stare at each other in mutual blankness to see who could emote the least for the next… however long he'd be here as Holden's handler?

"Not having an empathy chip doesn't make me a cyborg. There are plenty of ways to figure someone out without feeling any of their vibes."

Holden crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the wall next to the desk. "As someone who was born with an empathy chip with elephantiasis, color me skeptical."

Six mirrored his post, crossing his arms and leaning back in the chair with his thighs spread. The view of thick thighs and a good sized bulge were a temptation Holden didn't try to resist. He glanced down twice before managing to hold Six's steady gaze.



The 2nd book in the trilogy, the focus is now on Holden. From the first book, you learn briefly who Holden is and where he places in the Community. For all the status he has, he’s really out of the loop with what’s happening in the Community. With things starting to unravel some more, his own father wanted to make sure he stays in line. In comes in Sixtus (Six), sent to watch over him. Six doesn’t have the powers like the others, ie, powers that the Community deems valuable but being “impenetrable” also meant that those other “valuable powers” doesn’t necessarily work on him which makes him just as powerful.

With Holden having to rely on just his normal senses, he definitely feels unsettled by Six. And Six, for all his stoicism, definitely feels a pull towards Holden. As these 2 figure out what’s happening between them, Holden’s eyes are slowly being opened also as to what’s really happening in the Community.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had my reservations about Holden in the first book (ye of little faith, tsk-tsk). So to see his character opened up here, he totally redeemed himself. To see his fears, his doubts, his humor, and his resolve, you can clearly see his growth as he worked thru his inner turmoil.

And I gotta say Six is one intriguing character. The succinctness in his thoughts and words is endearing to read. If only we all can be like him in every situation, saying exactly what he means, then you always know where you stand. And yet underneath all that stoic exterior is a man who feels. The innocence to his words, despite the world he grew up in, just makes your heart melt.

Just like the first book, the focus is less on romance and more on the mystery and suspense. Again, just like the first book, it may leave you wanting seeing there is so much heat between Holden and Six. There is obviously a big overarching story, but you’ll also be in Holden’s head quite a bit so you really get to understand him. And because there is a big overarching story, Nate and Trent plus others are back to play their part. And now that I’m in the groove of things, I swear, I’m now fully able to enjoy all the characters especially Trent. I think he even made me snort in one scene, that’s the kind of humor he has.

Anyhoot, I digress… This finished with a more cliffie ending than the first so now I’m anxiously waiting for the last installment. And it’s not coming til fall!!! Waaaah!!!!

Author Bio:

Santino Hassell was raised by a conservative family, but he was anything but traditional. He grew up to be a smart-mouthed, school cutting grunge kid, then a transient twenty-something, and eventually transformed into an unlikely romance author.

Santino writes queer romance that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences.

Connect with Santino: Website | Twitter | Instagram | FB Group | FB | GR | Tumblr

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