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REVIEW: Denying Mr. Parks by Lilly James



Evelyn Banks is her own worst enemy…

A recovering alcoholic, the key to Evelyn’s continuing sobriety is to remain focused and controlled. She finally has her life on track with a new job at a law firm, but her world is shaken when she meets the firm’s gorgeous, charming, dominant CEO. 
Wade Parks asks for only one thing—to be obeyed… 
Wade’s perfect world is one of discipline and obedience. When he encounters his firm’s new employee, he begins a cat-and-mouse game in his pursuit of the feisty and independent Evelyn, determined to break through her cold demeanor and give her the discipline he’s sure she craves. 
Evelyn is willing to submit to his dominance, but her emotions are another matter… 
Both of Evelyn’s parents were addicts, incapable of giving her the slightest bit of affection, and she’s not equipped to deal with the rush of powerful emotions her relationship with Mr. Parks unleashes. So she turns to the only solace she knows—numbing her feelings with alcohol. 
He sees past Evelyn’s flaws, but some secrets hit too close to home… Just as Evelyn’s heart begins to thaw, Mr. Parks is reminded of his own troubled upbringing and he pulls away, leaving her feeling abandoned. 
But another very real danger is lurking, and Evelyn might be very wrong about the source of the threat… 
Can she be saved by denying Mr. Parks? Or is submitting to him the only way to save them both?

1 napkin for the storyline + 1 napkin for Wade + 1 napkin for the smexy times – 1.5 napkin for Evey = 1.5 napkin

I was just really frustrated with this one. As in really frustrated!!! Especially with Evey, the h!!! Gah!!! Sigh… And seriously, how many times can you say “whilst”?!? Apparently, 123 times! Sigh…

While this is a storyline that I know I would have enjoyed thoroughly albeit not original, there were just too many things I couldn’t ignore. Mind you, this is getting a lot of high reviews so you might think that I may just be out to lunch with my thoughts, and that’s fine by me:D I thought Evey’s backstory was such a good fodder for some serious angst and Wade and his dominating ways will add further layer. But sadly, for me, no.

As I delve further into the story, all I can think of is sexual harassment and insubordination. 2 things that no one ever wants to deal with at work. But Evey and Wade are doing it left, right and centre here. Oy!

More importantly though, my biggest gripe with this one is Evey. I’m really sorry, but for all of Evey’s painful past, I just couldn’t muster enough empathy for her. I thought she was bordering on rude and obnoxious in some scenes. She has too much edge that I didn’t understand. I think some of her actions were meant to be seen as endearing but it just came across as childish. And that confusing hot/cold treatment she gives to Wade, all the lies and deception to her friends… no, just no!! >.< I expect traits like that from the villain or a heroine in contemporary fiction but not in my romance reads (just call me cray!)

And because of that, I honestly don’t know why Wade went thru lengths to accommodate her. His patience felt unappreciated. And with him having to keep coming back to her, despite the abrasive treatment from her, it made me question his character. Therefore, it goes without saying, I never really bought into their “relationship”. Real shame…

I trudged thru the story up until 80-ish% mark then I just skimmed thru the rest. I just stopped caring what happen to Evey, plain and simple. And Wade was not enough to save the day, so to speak. So in short, I believe I’m done with this… you think? O.o

I'm just sad that this didn't work out...

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