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BLOG TOUR: Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre




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  Chloe Madison. That's me. A former NYU princess who just fell from grace, right off my pampered Manhattan throne and onto the unforgiving steps of Nicole Brantley, socialite and queen bitch. Now, I walk her dog and mix her smoothies. Try to navigate my own problems while fixing all of hers. I want what every New York girl wants. A career, an apartment, and true love, preferably in a smoking hot package. It turns out I'll have to fight for all of it.    

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Now that's what I call a chick lit done AT way!

I've been a fan of AT now for a while. She writes it, I read it. Of late, I find that her stories have been a departure from the older ones I've come to love, including this one, but you ain't hear me complaining. It just goes to show that AT can write whatever she puts her mind to.

What started out a series in the Cosmo website, Love, Chloe has turned into a full blown book, which I'm glad to see. Because while I subscribed to that series by AT, I didn't always get the chance to read every single one of them. So I'm glad I got the chance to read about Chloe in one sitting, so to speak.

To me, this is like Candace Bushnell meet Helen Fielding meet NA version of Gossip Girl all in a Cinderella-esque way. I got the Sex-in-the-City feel with a touch of Bridget-Jones neuroticism.

Chloe was a socialite princess who's fallen of the society ladder due to her parents' actions and because of that, Chloe was forced to live the life of a plebeian, saddled with normal problems like finding/keeping a job and paying bills and putting a roof over her head. As she's fixing her life, she's dealing with an ex who just won't give up, an employer with more issues than National Geographic, and a new man who's unlike any man she's dated before. Along the way, she's got her friends helping her and made new ones just to add more flavor.

I LOVE seeing Chloe's growth from beginning to end.

I LOVE Chloe's humorous self-deprecating and very insightful thoughts.

I LOVE the titles of each chapter. And this is coming from someone who normally doesn't pay attention to such things.

I LOVE the IG posts. AT nailed it, I thought.

I LOVE the fashion references. A gal after my own heart.

I LOVE her friendship with the girls.

I LOVE the men in Chloe's lives, both the good and the not-so-good.

And here's the additional kicker for me, heading towards the end, I keep thinking in my head that I would have loved to see a glimpse into the head of Chloe's man. And guess what AT did, she gave me THAT epilogue!!! I LOVE it!

I LOVE AT! #justsayin

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Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of twelve novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense, all with a strong undercurrent of sexuality. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She was also the Bedroom Blogger for
You can learn more about Alessandra on her website at, or you can find her on Twitter (@ReadAlessandra) or Facebook.


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