Sunday, 14 July 2013

Review: The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles

Rating: 1 napkin 

(Disclaimer: I am not a part of the target audience for this book, being decades past my teen-age years. I am just someone who reads books from all genres.)

I will start off by saying kudos to 17-year old Beth Reekles for being able to write a novel, and for being able to reach such a large number of readers on Wattpad. 

With that being said, what follows is a short review, because frankly, I feel like I've devoted too much time to this book already just by reading it and actually being able to finish it.

Reading this was quite painful for the following reasons:

- I didn't like Elle/Shelley AT ALL! I was honestly hoping that Noah would get it together and realize that other girls are way better for him...ANY OTHER GIRL! One who would actually care when he storms out and leaves his house for a few days!!!!!
- The story dragged because of the reason above. I was seriously hoping for another POV just to escape the "Oh mah gash! I'm pretty? Boys like me? Girls are jealous because I can talk to Noah." nonsense. Seriously, I would've been happy to read what the school janitor thinks of all these.
- Noah was smirking soooo much I was afraid his face would stay like that forever.

The only reason I finished it is because I kept hoping and hoping it would get better. And yes....the last chapter made me happy....mwahaha! Hello, Harvard!!!;)

PS: Random House, can I get a refund?

(This review was first written on Goodreads.)


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