Monday, 22 December 2014

Top 5 Auto-Read Romance Writers

For bookworms out there, we all have that list of writers, don't we? Writers whose work you've come to love in time and have become staples in your shelf because regardless of what they write, you know you will read it, despite a miss every now and then. Granted, it does happen that sometimes you fall out of love with their works, especially when the stories or characters become redundant, but that's not who I'm talking about here.

When it comes to romance, these women can keep writing and I'll keep reading:

1.) Sylvia Day
To me she'll always be the one who gave me Gideon Cross. She hooked me in with the Crossfire series, and the rest, as they say, is history.

2.) CD Reiss
I first discovered CD Reiss with her Songs of Submission series. I loved the strength she gives to all her characters, and her writing, in my humble opinion, is just superb.

3.) Kristen Ashley
KA books is a guilty pleasure, if I may call it that. I have to say that her writing style takes getting used but boy, does she know her alpha heroes or what! Trust me! *grins*

4.) JA Huss
With all of what I've read of her work so far, one thing you can count on is that by the end of the story, you're nowhere near where you thought it will go. That's been my experience anyway.

5.) Ella James
Ella hooked me in with her erotic retelling of known fairy tales. Need I say more? LOL

And this is gonna make it past Top 5 but I cannot not mention The Erotica Consortium, a group of 8 fabulous authors (which incidentally includes CD Reiss, JA Huss, and Ella James), who just writes the most delish scenes and stories*g*. I really don't see why they shouldn't be in anyone's auto-read list, that's all.

Yes, these writers' works are...umm... raunchier than your average romance stories, but what can I say, they're just smokin'! If you think E.L. James can write (yes, I went there, but hey, even I am an FSoG fan and bought it hook, line and sinker, ok?), wait til you read these women's works... just my humble opinion...

Who are your go-to authors?


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