Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Top 5 Book Boyfriends

To say that my guilty reads, aka romance novels, have dominated my TBR list lately is such a gross understatement. Now, now, no need for eye-rolling. Hah! Got me thinking then which of these heroes (H) in my guilty reads lately have left a mark in my brain enough to make me swoon at the mere thought of "him"....

1.) Gideon Cross (Crossfire series by Sylvia Day)
FSoG may have re-introduced me back to this genre but I say Gideon "(re-)popped my cherry" hehe  I think Gideon represents the new breed of alpha H. Swooooon!!! *g*

2.) Jonathan Drazen (Songs of Submission series by C.D. Reiss)
Another billionaire alpha H like Gideon Cross with more money than god, knows how to get what/who he wants when he wants it/her, need I say more?

3.) Kane "Tack" Allen (Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley)
Tack, first of all, did it for me as far as becoming a KA fan. If you like motorcycle club (MC) romance, Tack cannot be any more perfect. Rough around the edges but oh so sweet!

4.) Jessie Ward (This Man series by Jodi Ellen Malpas)
He's by no means perfect, NOT at all! He's controlling, made stupid mistakes, will drive you crazy, BUT... that's all I'm gonna say... LOL

5.) Dominic Knight (All or Nothing series by CC Gibbs)
How can you go wrong with another OTT billionaire, am I right, or am I right?

This very well could be a Top 10, Top 20, heck Top 50 list (hey, I told you I've read quite "a few" *grins*) so to narrow it down to these 5 gentlemen?!? Just too darn difficult, I tell ya! But there you have it!

(Hmmm, only one non-bajillionaire? And he's from a standalone story at that? How can that be? Hmmm...)

So, who's on your list?


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