Monday, 19 October 2015

REVIEW: Wild Ride (Playing for Keeps, Book 2) by Cathryn Fox


A sexy category romance novella from Entangled's Brazen imprint...
Good girl, meet bad cowboy...

Marketing Tycoon Tyler Mackenzie, a.k.a. Wildman Mac, has a knack for knowing what people want and, more importantly, what they need…so when he decides to show sweet and sexy yoga instructor Jess Gray that she's the one for him, he puts a seductive campaign into motion. 
When Mac defines the terms for the week and insists she do everything he says, Jess can't help but be intrigued. Since this good girl wants to break free and do something naughty, she agrees to his terms and soon finds herself embarking on a sexual journey that knows no limits. For Jess this is one week of living out her fantasies, but Mac is determined to make this wild ride last forever.


For a novella, this packs quite a punch! Of  smexy times, that is, oh boy!

I haven't read the 1st novella in this series but it's ok, they're all standalones, as far as I can tell. This one is about Mac and Jess, the one gal from high school who didn't quite leave his mind. I think that's the theme for the series- that what-if question.

Mac and Jess were quite into each other when they were young but neither one did anything about it, that is, until Mac decided to invite Jess to the dude ranch that he co-owns with 2 friends from high school. I would have enjoyed more buildup to their "reunion". I don't know or understand why then and not before. I guess I just had to buy into his plan without much preamble.

But once that reunion happened, was that ever scorchin'! Call me whatever but the hotness factor was enough for me to enjoy the whole thing teehee... which is what I've come to expect anyways from any of my Entangled Brazen reads. Guess I got what I asked for. Mission accomplished.

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