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REVIEW: Walk Through Fire (Chaos, Book 4) by Kristen Ashley


Millie Cross knows what it's like to burn for someone. She was young and wild and he was fierce and even wilder-a Chaos biker who made her heart pound. They fell in love at first sight and life was good, until she learned she couldn't be the woman he needed and made it so he had no choice but to walk away. Twenty years later, Millie's chance run-in with her old flame sparks a desire she just can't ignore. And this time, she won't let him ride off . . .

Bad boy Logan "High" Judd has seen his share of troubles with the law. Yet it was a beautiful woman who broke him. After ending a loveless marriage, High is shocked when his true love walks back into his life. Millie is still gorgeous, but she's just a ghost of her former self. High's intrigued at the change, but her betrayal cut him deep-and he doesn't want to get burned again. As High sinks into meting out vengeance for Millie's betrayal, he'll break all over again when he realizes just how Millie walked through fire for her man . . .


Oh Logan, seriously, you had me at "Hey!"...

More and more, I’m thinking the Chaos men are becoming top fave KA H’s, next to the Unfinished Heroes ones. Well, it does start with the granddaddy of em all, Tack, so how can that not be a good start to this series, no?

Maybe it’s just me, but this has a slightly different feel than the other Chaos books. There feels like more angst, less crazy shenanigans, and less OTT alpha gathering (ie outside of the Chaos men). No? Just me?

Logan/High and Millie has quite the history. Honestly, the beginning of their story just felt too good to be true, and at such a young age at that, you just know something is gonna create a (huge) ripple in that serene waters of young true love. Then came their second chance, and boy, was that ever the one of the sweetest second-chance story I’ve read.

There were things that made me ask what would’ve happened if certain things happened or didn’t. Thing that normally I couldn’t overlook or would not make sense in my head; like the extended length of time it took for them to reconnect after what felt like a very random occurrence or like the lack of communication that triggered it all. But in the end, I’m all ok with it. It felt like it was necessary. Things had to occur. Some learning curve needed to happen to take them to a better place. As far as I’m concerned, KA made it so that it makes sense to me. My heart broke for those 2, felt the pain that Millie went thru and the anguish that Logan went thru. Every now and then, that 1 pivotal scene runs through my head, and I feel all kinds of emotion wash through me.

While it might be hard to agree with Millie’s decisions, especially the one that caused it all, like Logan, I understood. For the price that she paid because of it, she deserved every bit of happy that she got. Oddly enough, High didn’t quite stand out for me in the previous Chaos books which was why I was a little surprised that his story came first before Rush. But I am glad nevertheless that his story came. Logan/High, I thought, was another pure KA alpha, swoon!!!! I cannot be more in love with this dude, honestly. Even when he was hurting, I couldn't not like him. After he learned the truth, he understood. He did his best to be a good dad. He loved, he lost, he took care of things, he took charge... sigh...

I  appreciate the fact the H&h are older than usual in this genre. And in true KA form, outside of the H&h’s story, there was the friendship, there was the humor, there were children (not as adorbs as the others but realistic nonetheless) and there was the hotness factor. What more can I ask for, right?

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