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REVIEW: Friction (Legal Affairs, Book 8) by Sawyer Bennett


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At the powerhouse law firm of Knight & Payne, winning comes first and ethics a distant second. Leary Michaels uses her female charms to daze opponents, and it’s always worked well—until now. On her most personal case yet, she finds herself going up against a defense attorney just as skilled, shameless, and seductive as she is.
Reeve Holloway has never met a woman as sure of her own sexuality, or as ruthless in wielding it, as Leary is. But he won’t be toyed with. What Leary starts, he’ll finish—in the courtroom, the bedroom, or any-damn-place he wants. The sex is uninhibited, electrifying, and absolutely against the rules. Reeve’s job is to ruin Leary’s case…even if it destroys her in the process and costs him the woman he’s come to love.

This is the 8th book in the series. I haven’t read the previous books in the series and it didn't make a difference for me. And I really enjoyed it at that! It’s a quick read full of heat! *fans self*

Reeve and Leary are 2 lawyers each on the opposite end of a case. The case is more personal for Leary, and just a job for Reeve.

I wasn’t sure how much I would like Leary at first with that brief backdrop I was given of her rise in her law firm. But as it turned out, she just has a lot of balls, so to speak, and just really feisty about things she’s passionate about. And as it turned out, her history shaped her for what she’s become which I totally appreciate.

Reeve is just too delish for words, from the self-deprecating thoughts to the dirty words to the caring actions.

While it started as insta-lust, I fell for it. How can it not, especially considering the way Reeve went at it in the beginning, totally hot! And as the story progressed, just call me weird or whatever about this part, one moment I feel like that all they do is hump like rabbits and next moment, I feel like Sawyer could have expounded on some details in the bedroom. What can I say, the dirty in me just had to voice that out, teehee. But wait, I do have to add that in the end, I saw the there were growth in the characters and progression in their relationship.

Also, since this is set in the legal world, I appreciate that I was given some jargon but not too much that I was lost, nor did I feel it was dumbed down for it to feel condescending to readers. So thank you, Sawyer, for that.

Overall, another delightful heat-inducing Sawyer read for me:D

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