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REVIEW: Kick and Use (Songs of Perdition, Books 1 & 2) by CD Reiss

I honestly don't know how this happened. I realized I haven't posted my reviews here for Kick and Use, books 1 & 2 of the Songs of Perdition, wut?!?!!! High time to correct that! And what better timing than now, since Break, book 3, is gonna come out soon, wheeee!!!!

So, without further ado...


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You know what a celebutante is.
It's a Paris Hilton. A Kim Kardashian. Someone who's famous for existing. That's me, and in case you were wondering what it's me, it's the best shit ever.
I like coke and I like sex. I have the money to buy the first and the looks to get the second. No one needs to know where I am for days at a time and no one gives a fuck. That's just the way I like it.
You got issue with that?
Because you think I have problems, and I don't. A problem would be defined as some situation in my life I didn't arrange. Like having no money. That's a problem, and I don't have it. Like having a ton of sex I don't totally enjoy. Also not my problem.
Now that we understand each other, you and me, we understand that my life is exactly how I want it, and you don't have the right to hold me here. You can't keep me in a straightjacket and you can't put me in isolation. I'm too important. Too famous.
*MATURE AUDIENCES - I mean it. Don't come back to me with your therapy bills.



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As if I need any more reason to love CDR and her writing!!!

This is a start of a new series, and we get introduced to another Drazen sister, Fiona. And is she messed up, or is she messed up! She actually made me start a new shelf. Antiheroine. Because in my head that's what she is. She's not your typical h in a way that she's flawed, debauched, and depraved. Yet, she is a h in her own right. For all her weaknesses, there's a toughness coming thru in her thoughts. She's not necessarily lovable but oh, I like her.

The first chapter will hook you right in considering where Fiona found herself and what brought her there in the first place. You'll start getting glimpses of her past and the man who is the epicenter of her world. All being unearthed by another intriguing character. Layer all these with the Drazen family relationship. Talk about dynamics!

Now, the story telling, if you're any familiar with CD's writing, is just brilliant. It's smart, tight, and lyrical. I'll say it again, CD can write!


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A sex-addicted celebutante.
The master she stabbed.
A therapist whose professionalism is about to shatter.

Did she stab him to be free of him?
And free to what?
To whore? Snort? Party?
Or free to be normal?

I mean it, again, if you're sensitive this is not the book for you.



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Typically I would write the review right after I finish a book, but I waited for this one (not that it's doing me any good). Instead I read other reviews, and just kept going through the thoughts and discussion with the other Canaries in our BR. Because that's what this book encourages, a whole lot of discussion.

I feel like as I'm writing here that my review will be just as long as the book just because of all the things it evoked out of me. No, of course it won't be.

For a reader who tends to stay away from love triangles, I embraced this book wholeheartedly. It's a continuation of the tale of a messed up woman whose identity is practically tied to her sexuality who ended up where she is because she stabbed the man she loves who fills and meets her needs. And where she ended up is another man bent on helping her heal to a point that lines are getting crossed as he, himself, develops feelings for her which then awakens other things in him.


I can honestly say that by the end, I truly didn't know what to feel. I was smiling like an idiot as I read the interactions among the Drazen siblings. My eyebrows were arching and my mind was going 'ooooh' as I was reading what Elliot is dealing with. My heartbeat started rising when Deacon made an appearance. My mouth was gasping as I learned what really happened that fateful night. And throughout the story, my fist was raising as I cheered Fiona's feistiness. And at the ending, my heart was breaking for Fiona as she struggled internally, finally coming to some kind of determination to move forward only to be fall back where she started.


Between Elliot and Deacon, I'm seriously torn at this point as to which of these gentlemen I want her to end up with, because for me, they're almost like 2 sides of the same coin. They both want and think they know what's best for Fiona. And I get it.

We shook hands. He looked me in the eye. Two gentlemen trying to protect the same woman, probably from each other.

I just want Fiona to get her happy ending. I may end up eating my words later in the series, but right now, I think either one of those two will be fine, as long he loves her the way she should be loved.

Fiona's perspective aside, we saw a lot of Elliot here. I'm assuming Deacon will get his turn next. Cannot wait!!!!

In short, I love, love this series!!! And as always, I love, love the way CD weaves the story line with her poetic writing. (I know, I probably could have just said that in the beginning and be done with it, but where's the fun in that, eh?)


To say I'm excited and nervous all at once for the third book coming out soon is putting it mildly, just sayin...

Thanks for dropping by!


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