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Review: Semper Fi (The Education of..., Book 3) by Jane Harvey-Berrick


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Ten years ago US Marine Sebastian Hunter was a teenager in love with a married woman—a woman who broke his heart.

Kicking his heels in a desk job in Geneva, he’s given the chance to get back to the action. Life just might be worth living again … until he meets the woman who broke him 10 years earlier.

Now she’s back, but he’ll do anything to keep her at arm’s length. Temptation doesn’t come much stronger, but he’d be a fool to fall for her again…

Caroline Venzi is a successful journalist, preparing to head out to report from the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. Love is the last thing on her mind when she crosses paths with Marine Sebastian Hunter.

Will this chance encounter reignite the erotic passion of their past?

* * * * *

This story is a re-telling of the best-selling contemporary romance 'The Education of Caroline', now told from US Marine Sebastian Hunter’s point of view.

Profits of this book support the military charities Felix Fund (UK) and EOD Warrior Foundation (USA)


Well then…

Lemme just put a few things out there before I go any further. First, I haven’t read the first 2 books in The Education series. Second, while this is the third book in the series, like Jane advised me in the beginning, this is a standalone. This is Sebastian and Caro’s story, or I believe, the 2nd book to be more specific, told from Sebastian’s POV. I completely concur. Duh, since Jane wrote this, of course she’s right! Third, I usually enjoy reading this trope, guess this is Dec-May? And fourth, call me pervy but that kiddo in the cover is yummy. If he’s Sebastian, so be it!*g*

On to the story… 10 years have gone by since the Sebastian and Caro have started their thing. Sebastian is now in the Marines, Caro is now a journalist. It’s about reuniting, getting their second chance, resolve any lingering issues from the past and moving forward. I knew the biggest thing about this story is the age difference b/w Sebastian and Caroline. He’s 13 years younger to be exact. I’m aware they have a long history that started from when Sebastian was young. And as they’re trying to look towards the future, things happen that can make or break their relationship.

Seeing this all from Sebastian’s POV, I’m a lil ambivalent about these 2. Sebastian, being 27 that he is, didn’t feel like he acts or thinks like his age at times. Or have I just forgotten how 27-year olds act and think? Or am I reading this all from the context of a 40-something-year old mind? Especially seeing that Caro is also 40? On the other hand, I’ve read enough NA H’s in the same age bracket and Sebastian sounded younger… hmmm… And Caro, for the 40-year old woman that she is, sometimes acted and talked like she’s in her 20’s. At least that’s what it felt like to me.

Sebastian almost always had his d!ck in his mind, and Caro’s doubts were not easy to relate to, to a degree. I suppose it’s an aftermath of having the kind of relationship they had at the time they did. Whether anyone liked it or not, there are life-changing events that shape a person and whether that messes one up or not, consequences out of that must be faced.

Here’s the thing. Because I know there were 2 books before this, told from Caro’s POV I’m guessing, I was wondering the whole time I was reading this whether I would be more enamored with this couple seeing it from Caro’s eyes or not. Did Caro understand the depth of Sebastian’s feelings or the impact that she had on him at such a young age? After all, for all my grumble about what kinda didn’t work for me here, Sebastian did kinda hook me in. For all the emotional instability he exhibited, one thing he didn’t waver about is his feelings for Caro, if that makes sense at all… And, I totally appreciate the details of what it means to be out in the field for the people who serve their country. It’s not an easy life, to say the least, and dangerous, at worst.

Plus: A personal bonus for me here, if I may add, is Sebastian having a copy of The Alchemist, an all-time fave, and, call me nutters, his birthday/wedding date is the same as mine (wedding, that is). That made me smile, for sure!

I don’t think this will be a fave Jane read for me, but it still made me curious enough to read the first 2 books… I think… And hey, for what it’s worth, this is supporting a very good cause. Good on Jane for doing that!

Thanks for dropping by!


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