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BLOG TOUR: Hard Wired (Cyberlove, Book 3) by Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

***NOTE: (Updated Mar 2018) Leaving the review not because of Santino but because of Megan. Also, I received an ARC for this so I am holding up my end of the bargain. This is no way a denial of those hurt by Santino and and I actually do want to give a shout out to all the brave souls who bared themselves and told their stories. May they find the healing they deserve.)

Hard Wired

Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell

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Title: Hard Wired 
Series: Cyberlove, #3 
Authors: Megan Erickson & Santino Hassell 
Publisher: Megtino Press 
Release Date: February 13, 2017 
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance / Gaymers   

My FallenCon agenda is simple: sit on a couple of panels and let people meet the real me. Jesse Garvy—mod of a famous Twitch channel and, if I ever come out of my shell, future vlogger. I definitely didn’t plan to sleep with a moody tattooed fan-artist, but he’s gorgeous and can’t keep his hands off me. There's a first time for everything, and my first time with a guy turns out to be the hottest experience of my life. But the next day, I find out my moody fan-artist is Ian Larsen AKA Cherry—someone I've known online for years. And he'd known exactly who I was while shoving me up against that wall. Before I figure out whether to be pissed or flattered, the con ends. Now we're back online, and he's acting like nothing happened. But despite the distance between us, and the way he clings to the safety of his online persona, we made a real connection that night. I don't plan to let him forget.

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GAH, these 2!!!

There is nothing I would change about this, nothing at all!!!

I’ll have you know that I was in a major book funk before I picked this up. Boy did this cure me out of it!

Anyhoot, Garvy and Cherry get their turn in this delish series that Megtino have created. If you’ve read the first 2 books (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!?!), you’ve met these 2 previously as Kai’s moderators in his Twitch channel. Garvy is Jesse. And Cherry, well, it turns out it’s only of the persona created by Ian. 

After having interacted only online, they finally have a chance to meet f2f. And that turned out to be one quite interesting meeting. For starter, Garvy met Cerise first; who as it turns out is Ian’s other persona. And all along, the plan is still for Garvy and Cherry to meet. Oh boy! Let’s just say that Jesse has no clue who Ian really is, oh but Ian knows who Jesse is, and how! Regardless, Jesse felt a pull towards Ian. Without wasting any moment, these 2 acted on that pull. But y’know, when the playing field is not even, someone was bound to become guilty and someone was bound to get hurt. And the question becomes how do you move past that?

You have Ian who plays different persona, each one meant for a different crowd and meant to be his armour to protect himself, all stemming from a difficult childhood. But inside is this sweet, caring, and sensitive person, just wanting to be loved and be brave.

You have Jesse, who is the antithesis of Ian in some regards. What you see is what you get. More than that, he’s a good friend to have. He’s protective, responsible and thoughtful. He’s doing his best to be brave to stand up for himself and put himself out there, even at the risk of getting hurt. 

And that’s what those 2 are, brave! In their own way, they both showed a sweet vulnerability that equates to strength. Even without realizing it, they’re brave on their own, and eventually, they learned to be brave for each other. And as the relationship blossomed, you see the magic built b/w Ian and Jesse. They’re such a perfect fit that they just bring out the best in each other. Naturally, as well, when you’re a perfect fit, it means the chemistry is on fire. Whoosh!!

I heart these 2 bunches! They're both so adorable! I heart their story bunches! It was layered. It felt real. It's relatable. The elements are balanced, from moments of levity and humorous self-deprecation to moments of dealing with serious issues and heavy emotions.

Dom and Luke are still my fave couple, just because... but I tell ya, this series just keeps getting better and better! Megtino continue to weave their magic in this 3rd installment set in a world of gaming. For someone who’s older (I am apparently around the age of Jesse’s parents <gasp>) and not familiar with that world, Megtino made this unfamiliar digital territory come alive. It felt generational but they made it inclusive. I think they perfectly capture the world we live in now, how it’s possible to make connections in every manner. 

Additionally, just like the previous books, Megtino make the secondary characters just as colorful as the MCs. Will they get their own stories too? So far, the answer seems to be yes. Hopefully?

Lastly, if you’re a fan of this power duo like I am, I think you’ll appreciate seeing glimpses of them in the narrative and some of the characters’ words. Wait, is it just me?

Anyhoot, enough with the word vomit. Just friggin’ read it! 

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About the Authors

Megan Erickson

 Megan Erickson is a USA Today bestselling author of romance that sizzles. Her books have a touch of nerd, a dash of humor, and always have a happily ever after. A former journalist, she switched to fiction when she decided she liked writing her own endings better. She lives in Pennsylvania with her very own nerdy husband and two kids. Although rather fun-sized, she’s been told she has a full-sized personality. When Megan isn’t writing, she’s either lounging with her two cats named after John Hughes characters or… thinking about writing.

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Santino Hassell


Santino Hassell was raised by a conservative family, but he was anything but traditional. He grew up to be a smart-mouthed, school cutting grunge kid, then a transient twenty-something, and eventually transformed into an unlikely romance author. Santino writes queer romance that is heavily influenced by the gritty, urban landscape of New York City, his belief that human relationships are complex and flawed, and his own life experiences.

 Social Media: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | FB Group | Patreon   

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