Friday, 22 May 2015

REVIEW: Daily Painting by Carol Marine

Hello, everyone! I thought I'd give Leftie a break and do a short book review. This is another one of those books that got me so excited as soon as I finished reading it.


Daily Painting by Carol Marine is a gem I discovered while on an art forum. As a new oil painter (just started early this year after concentrating first on drawing), I was looking for inspiring books that will help me not just with the basics but also for ways to actually be more creative in terms of my choices on what to paint and how to go about it. Looking at that big white canvas is daunting most days. With this book, Ms.Marine explains why doing small paintings often is the way to go.

Daily Painting not only gives great tips and techniques on each chapter such as value and composition, she also explains why doing small paintings everyday (or as much as you can) is a great way to free your creativity. No pressure.....just do what you feel like doing. She encourages you not feel bad about making mistakes, and even tackles how to deal with artist blocks. (This chapter includes awesome insight from other daily painters as well.)

Even if you don't follow her own specific style of loose painting, there is so much to learn from this book. Above all, she really inspires everyone not to be afraid.

 I recommend Daily Painting to anyone who deals with any sort of creative endeavour (whatever medium you use). Carol Marine's message is "to love what you do", and this really applies to all of us, right? :)


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