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REVIEW: For Life (Reclaimed Hearts, Book 1) by L.E. Chamberlin


Cassie Mahoney found her soulmate at seventeen. Steadfast, sexy, and bold, Grady walked into her world one night and claimed her for life. After surviving an unplanned college pregnancy and six years of struggling, Cassie and Grady's marriage fell apart. Now, despite sharing custody of their two children, they’ve barely spoken face-to-face in nearly eleven years.

Though she’s managed to keep both Grady and her emotions at bay for over a decade, when a family tragedy forces the two together, Cassie must face both the man she fell in love with and the demons that drove them apart. Grady makes it clear that he wants their family back together, but can Cassie’s heart afford to take a second chance on first love?

**NOTE: This book contains graphic sexual content and is intended for mature readers.


I honestly didn’t know how to start this review. I typed a line, I deleted. I typed another, I deleted… Some scenes in this book just pop up in my head and thinking about them gets me teary eyed all over again…

It’s such a moving story about second chances… *sob*

Grady and Cassie have a long history. They met when they were kids, married young, had kids, couldn’t sustain the marriage, divorced, and 12 years later… so goes the story… What happens after is the attempt to reconnect, the efforts it took to not look back, the ways to move forward with now more grown children to consider as well, and the acknowledgment of this beautiful thing they have between them, that passionate connection.

Cassie has a lot of emotional baggage from the beginning, who’s just trying to be the best mom for their kids. I have to say she challenged me a bit but this is all personal take. I was imposing my own feels on her a few time. Some of her decisions frustrated me but like I said, that’s just me being all mcjudgy. Luckily, she woman-ed up at the end, whew!

Grady… I don’t have enough words for Grady! He may have messed up the first time, but talk about redemption! I swear, you think of every adjective you can think of for your ideal man BBF (book boyfriend*g*), he’s got it, yes, I say he does!! (hubby need not know hehe) To Casey’s credit, she helped further build that image of Grady just the way she saw him. Seriously, I cannot be any more captivated by Grady!!! *swoon*

So you have well-developed characters from the H&h to their children and the people who surround them, and a story full of emotions. It mirrors real life so much that reading this honestly feels like being given an intimate view into a relationship of a dear friend, or one’s own for that matter. Married or not, I don’t think anyone can argue the emotions this story will evoke… sigh…

I’ve read L.E.’s short stories before and she already impressed me with just few pages. I wondered then how much more she can do with a full-length story, and now, I wonder no more. Well done, L.E., well done! Can’t wait for more!

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  1. MUAH! This made my day!!!
    So glad it was an enjoyable read for you!

    1. Glad it did, L.E.! It made mine when I read it:)


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