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REVIEW: Chaos Bound (Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club, Book 4) by Sarah Castille


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After enduring months of torture at the hands of the Black Jacks MC, and betrayed by his own club, Holt “T-Rex” Savage, a junior member of the Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club, will stop at nothing to get revenge. But falling for a beautiful woman with dangerous ties to his sworn enemy was never part of the plan…

Raised by the Black Jacks, Naiya Kelly grew up fast, furiously, and with little to lose. But now that she’s put her MC days behind her, she is free to do what she wants—until she meets a man who imprisons her, body and soul. She swore she’d never give her heart to a biker, but Holt is the most passionate, protective man she’s ever known. But will Holt be forced to betray his one true love to exact his revenge?


This is now the 4th book in the series, and is a standalone, for sure. It’s T-Rex/Holt and Naiya’s story. It started in a very bad place because of a very bad guy. But they found a chance to get out of that very bad place which led them to a path of revenge. But this is not just about revenge and the love that grew between T-Rex/Holt and Naiya. It’s also about friendship and redemption and healing.

It’s been a while since I read the 3rd book, Sinner’s Steel, so as much as I hate to admit it, I barely remember T-Rex. I kinda remember what led him to being in that bad place. But I do remember T-Rex and Tank together. They were like a package deal. You get one with the other. So in addition to seeing T-Rex/Holt get his HEA with Naiya, it was also nice to see how the friendship evolved between these two.

Naiya is one smarty pants. I love the way she thinks on her feet so to speak. She’s quite adorable and funny. She’s got chutzpah, for sure. T-Rex/Holt is a changed man, especially after that horrific event. While I realize I was just being told how he was in the past, considering he’s only been a side character in the previous books, I totally bought the new Holt. He’s what I’ve come to expect and love in biker H’s. He’s become an alpha in his own terms… le sigh…

I’ve rated the previous 3 books in the series much less. To the extent that I was engaged in the past, meaning, I kept gravitating towards all the stories, something about the execution of things niggled at me. Although I was enjoying the interactions (and heat, if I think of the MCs) between the characters, there was always something throwing me off to fully enjoy it. BUT definitely not this time! The story moved along nicely, it has the right amount of emo moments, and the h stayed smart throughout the story, just sayin… And of course, the things that I’ve loved about the series remain present, such as the grit, the humor, the relations amongst the Sinners men and the heat between the H&h.

Hallelujah! I think Sarah’s writing and I are finally on the same page! Bring on book 5, Sarah! There will be a book 5, right? Pretty please:D

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