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REVIEW: Overexposed (In Focus, Book 4) by Megan Erickson



Love runs wild on the Appalachian Trail…
Levi Grainger needs a break. As a reality show star, he’s had enough of the spotlight and being edited into a walking stereotype. When he returns home after the last season of Trip League, he expects to spend time with his family, only to learn his sister is coming back from her deployment in a flag-draped casket. Devastated, Levi decides the best way to grieve will be to go off grid and hike the Appalachian Trail—a trip he’d planned to do with his sister.
His solitary existence on the trail is interrupted when he meets Thad, a quiet man with a hard body and intense eyes. Their connection is stronger than anything Levi has ever experienced. But when Levi discovers the truth about what Thad is hiking to escape, their future together looks uncertain, and uncertainty is the last thing Levi needs…




What a sweet heartfelt read!

The 4th book in the series, it’s a complete standalone. I haven’t read the first 3 books in this series (one of which I own) and it was ok.

Levi took on the Appalachian Trail in honor of his sister who died while on duty. They were supposed to hike it together but sadly, that didn’t come to fruition due to her untimely death. And on the beginning leg of his hike, he met Thad. Told from Levi’s POV mainly, you see how the relationship grows.

Anyone who’s lost a close loved one will definitely relate to what Levi was going through. I know I did. Looking for that closure in a way, wanting to hold on to memories that bring you joy and make you remember of your closeness yet wanting to let go at the same time because not doing so just further remind you that the person is no longer there permanently. In Thad, he found the right distraction. And he somehow found his rock in Thad.

Thad is so closed off at first but you can see there’s more simmering underneath the stoic façade. With a failed relationship behind him, it really did a number on his psyche, poor Thad. I don’t know how it can’t make anyone question one’s self. Then you reach a point that you take the burden of failures all on your shoulder. In Levi, he found the right distraction. And he somehow found the right salve to his wounds in Levi.

Levi’s past and Thad’s present did pose a challenge because Thad’s current situation is the exact opposite of what Levi needs. But ultimately, the heart wants what the heart wants, doesn’t it? Right? Right!

While I felt that Levi may have overreacted a tad, I did understand why he felt the way he felt. It’s all me projecting on him. At the end of it all, what I got is a sweet touching read about 2 people recovering from a loss, one of his loved one and the other, his self-worth. I doubt anyone will not feel the sincere emotions from each of these guys. And for them to reach their HEA the way they did, it shows the strength of their feelings for each other. What more do you need!   

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