Sunday, 25 September 2016

Rock Chick Rendezvous 2016 - Seattle

This is a bit of a belated post but I cannot cannot not do a post on this.

If you happen to read through my posts, you'll see that I'm a huge Kristen Ashley (KA) fan. And one of my DS also happens to be one, a bigger one in fact than me. When a friend on Goodreads happen to have attended KA's Rock Chick event in Edinburgh this last summer, he happened to mention the one happening this Sept which incidentally was the last of the year.

With a bit of last minute planning, sister and I made it to the Seattle event that occurred Sept 16-18. I've been to 1 book signing before but this is a whole lotta' different experience. And what a blast it was!!!

First, there was the meet-and-greet on Friday night. It was a casual event held at the bar area where KA was just mingling with the different tables or groups of people.

Then on Saturday, there was a book signing during the day.

... while waiting for KA to arrive... O, there she is (behind us)
Rebecca Zanetti was also there for the whole weekend so she was of course a part of the book signing, whee!!

Of course DS and I have to get the customary group pix.

Saturday evening was the big event, where we got to par-tay with KA and the rest of the Rock Chicks!!

... just as we were leaving our hotel

The Rock Chicks milling around KA on the dance floor

Gotta have a selfie with KA while on the dance floor!
... at the photo booth!

What a fun night!!!

Then of course to make it even sweeter, here comes the swag!


My personal bonus, because it's my birthday next week, DS got me these as presents as well, yay!!

Not only did I get to meet KA and Rebecca, I also got to see other Rock Chicks, chatted with a few and just be surrounded with other booklovers. And most importantly, I also got to spend time with DS who live on the other side of the coast.

And, really, KA not only gave me stories I love, female characters that are adorable and male characters worth swooning for, she also gave me and DS a memory to last us a lifetime. So if you think about it, my/our love for KA and her books is like a gift that keeps on giving.

For that, I thank you, Ms. Ashley, from the bottom of my heart.

Fun times all around!!!

Thanks for dropping by!


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