Sunday, 8 March 2015

REVIEW: Take (Scars of the Wraith, Book 1) by Nashoda Rose


*Complimentary copy received from author via Netgalley*

Note: Mature audience; graphic language


Feelings are a luxury I can’t afford. Hidden behind a shield of quiet placidity, I keep my secret safe from those who’d use it against me. Until him—the tatted up, self-centered Scar assassin hired to protect me.
He takes pleasure in tormenting me, chipping away at my defenses as if I’m a toy to be played with. I hate that he continuously reminds me that I’m nothing more than a job. I hate that my body responds to his touch. I hate him. 
I’m not a good guy and I don’t pretend to be. Condemn me if you want, I don’t give a fuck. You’re nothing to me. No one is … except her—Max. She’s my target. And I was hired to do a hell of a lot more than protect her … I was hired to kill her.
It should’ve been simple, but it was complicated as hell. 
Full-length novel. Come meet the Scars. 
Scars: Immortal warriors with capabilities derived from the senses: Trackers, Sounders, Healers, Tasters, Visionaries, and the rare Reflectors. They each have what is known as an Ink, a tattoo that can be called life.


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I haven’t read too many PNRs (paranormal romance) as it’s not a genre I typically read, but I figured this is Nashoda after all so I went for it. And OMG, loved it!!! Loved Jasper!!! Le sigh

I don’t think it was extreme as far as PNR world goes. There was a glossary in the beginning to explain the types of characters, which btw, I wish I had in paper so I didn’t have to rely on my memory (what! I am that young-ish after all! O.o).

Max had a tragic past and by the time she met Jasper, she was closed off to everyone. And of course, something just pulls her towards Jasper. And same goes for Jasper, who had just as tragic a past. Because of Max’s past, Jasper was tasked to “look after” Max and run they did, until they couldn’t anymore, from her past, and from whatever it was that was between them.

Max has a quiet personality until Jasper riles her up. Jasper was an a$$ until you get a glimpse of his feelings for her. I love how opposite they are on appearance. But really, they just dealt with the same kind of pain oppositely.

Just like my previous experience with Nashoda’s other work, I get lost in the story and as I’m reading, I wonder when things will start really happening, then before I know it, bam, things are happening fast, I’m even more enmeshed, then I get to the ending, and I’m gobsmacked. 

And with this particular story, it totally threw me off how emotional it became for me near the end. Once you read it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If I wasn’t in a public place reading that part, I would’ve been bawling. As such, I only got teary-eyed, and that’s with a lot of effort! That scene gutted me. I felt every word, and I loved it! Again, gobsmacked!

Oh Jasper...

Soooo good!!! 


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