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RELEASE BLITZ: Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden, Book 2) by Alessandra Torre

Title: Do Not Disturb (Deanna Madden, #2)
Author: A. R. Torre (Alessandra Torre)
Genre: Erotic Suspense
Releasing: April 21st

Equal parts Dexter and 50 Shades, this is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the daring erotic thriller, The Girl in 6E, by A.R. Torre.
My rules:
1. Don't leave the apartment.
2. Never let anyone in.
3. Don't kill anyone.
The rules were simple and I broke them.
Now I must face the consequences.
Everyone else must face me.

DND - teaser 2
DND - consequences

*Complimentary copy received from author*

Hmmm, this was one very interesting read!

I’ve read this while I’m sick so seriously, everything feels magnified. And for me to be glued to this, despite headaches and chills, that alone for me says how AT got me by the tenterhooks.

Deanna and Jeremy are now “a couple”, well, to the extent that Deanna’s condition will allow them. Deanna continues with her job, trying to maintain how things were before but with Jeremy in the picture more, new feelings and considerations are involved. Small concessions started happening, changes to daily routine started occurring, and new possibilities are being thought of. However, there’s no denying that Deanna is still the Deanna that she is.

New characters are introduced, the most relevant being the one who crossed Deanna’s path by pure happenstance. Other old characters resurfaced, like the doctor and Mike. I liked that I got to know Mike more, yes, despite what’s happened. The doctor is still just kinda’ on the peripheral but I’m sensing he will play an even bigger role in the 3rd book, maybe?

I do like that I got a bit more of Jeremy. He’s got the right temperament and attitude, just what Deanna needs. I really like him, seeing how deeply he’s starting to feel for Deanna, but I don’t think he had the chance to really shine here. Again, perhaps he will in the 3rd book?

But guess who really shone here? Yup, Deanna. I think so anyways. Not to glorify violence, but I think AT taking me in once again into Deanna’s inner sanctum allowed me to understand her better. Yes, it is like being in the head of Dexter, or I'd say even the characters in The Following, but not as creepy O.o “Humanizing” someone like Deanna in reality is one thing but since this is fiction, thank god, I got to appreciate her strength, her wit, and any emotions she has for Jeremy. I loved how she names strangers. I loved the joy she got about the most mundane things. I loved her hesitations, her concerns, and her glee, that I felt her vindication. How about that!

As always, just like with any AT’s work, it’s best to go in blind. And personally, I think this has gotten even better than The Girl in 6E, so I say just dive in! 

A New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Alessandra Torre has written nine novels, four of which became #1 Erotic Bestsellers.
Her first book, Blindfolded Innocence, became a breakout hit, rising to the top of the charts on Kindle and Amazon where it attracted the interest of major publishing houses and garnered Torre her first print deal with Harlequin HQN. Less than twelve months later, Torre signed a second print deal, this time with Redhook (Hachette) for her erotic thriller The Girl in 6E.
From her home near the warm waters of the Emerald Coast in Florida, she devotes several hours each day to various writing projects and interacting with her fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Happily married and with one son, she loves watching SEC football games, horseback riding, reading and watching movies.

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