Thursday, 26 May 2016

REVIEW: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer


Not gonna lie...I've been out of the loop when it comes to Young-Adult (YA) novels. I blame the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. As much as I loved that trilogy, the ending of that third really did bring my reading of that genre into a halt... sigh...

Anyhoo, it wasn't until recently that I got interested in reading YA again. My sister-in-law has been recommending Cinder to me for the longest time, so I bought it and have had the book for more than a year. It wasn't only until recently that I had the chance to finally read it, and guess what? I basically bought the rest of the series after about reading half of Cinder in one day.

The Lunar Chronicles begins with Cinder, followed by Scarlet, Cress and then Winter as the final book.  Each book is an interpretation of a fairy tale:
Cinder: Cinderella
Scarlet: Little Red Riding Hood
Cress: Rapunzel
Winter: Snow White
Marissa Meyer's take on these tales, and how she tied everything together is seriously one of the most creative takes I've seen or read in a long time.
Each book just got better and better, and the ending is just right...there is a definite end but not too sappy. 

I feel a bit of a disservice trying to sum up how much I love these books into one blog post, but I don't think a number of them would be enough to convey how much I really did enjoy all the books! There is just the right amount of action, love story and suspense to keep the reader interested.

The first book, Lunar, deals with the main heroine of the series: Cinder, a part-human, part-cyborg girl living with her legal guardian Adri and her two daughters. Cinder, because of what she has to accomplish, ends up being connected with Scarlett (second book), Cress (third book) and Winter (fourth book). The way their stories intertwined, considering they are all based on fairy tale stories, really is quite brilliant. Very imaginative and yet plausible enough that you won't think, "Whu? No way!"

Of course, romance plays a large part in all the books. However, unlike in many fairy tales where it's the prince who saves the girl in distress, it is the strength, courage and wit and of the female characters that saves the day.

Marissa Meyer has really written a great YA series in Lunar Chronicles, and I highly recommend all the four books.





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