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REVIEW: Wicked Need (The Wicked Horse, Book 3) by Sawyer Bennett


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Rand Bishop’s dreams of Olympic gold were shattered years ago but he’s left that all behind, settling into a new career and lifestyle that would make any man jealous. While he may not be competitively racing down the ski slopes anymore, he’s just as happy getting his rocks off as a Fantasy Maker for The Silo.

He’s good at what he does.
Damn good.

But while life couldn’t be better for Rand, it seems to be falling apart for Catherine Lyons Vaughn, the dark haired, brown-eyed beauty that has captivated an entire sex club.

Having spent years degrading herself on her husband’s whim and now left destitute after his death, Catherine has hit rock bottom. With nothing but her body to peddle, Catherine is merely trying to figure out how to survive in a harsh, cruel world. Lucky for her, Rand has taken her under his tattooed wing, and he’s determined to give her a safe life where she can be the woman she was always meant to be.

Now all Catherine has to do is believe she deserves the chance.


This is the 3rd book in the series, Rand and Cat’s story.

Rand and Cat have been in the periphery in the first 2 books. Rand is one of the Fantasy Makers in The Silo. Cat was the woman who everyone knew in a biblical sense when she was brought in by her then alive husband to live out his fantasy.

Cat may be my fave h in the series so far. Despite what she's gone thru, there's gumption there. And she owned her sexuality without judgment, which is like almost a given, I suppose. Rand, just like the rest of the men of The Silo was just perfect. They do right by their women. Need I say more?

Cat's past was not easy to swallow but Rand understood all that. It may have felt that things moved really fast between them but keep in mind that that there was enough history there even before they became a couple thanks to The Silo. And seeing these involved the men of The Silo, it goes without saying that the heat is thru the roof!!! Sawyer, you dirty woman, you! I dug it! *g*

While I have no real complaints about this one, it did feel like everything just went down too smoothly, even including whatever conflict they had. Cat thought the right thought, did the right thing, and said the right words. And so did Rand. Could there be such a thing as too right? Or I wonder if it's my impatience for Bridger's story affecting it. Not to steal away Rand's thunder, but Bridger, I wanna hear his story!!! (Did you hear that, Sawyer?)

Logan's story is up next. He's just as "durh-tay" as Rand *winks* so it'll be interesting to see what floats his woman's boat out of his many skillz... teehee...

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