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REVIEW: Upending Tad Bundle (Volume 1,2,3) by Kora Knight

With Revived, the 2nd book in the Unearthed Duology, the continuation of Max and Sean's story, coming out soon, it occurred to me that I didn't post my GR reviews of the Upending Tad series in here, the series that spawned the Unearthed one. So just rectifying that...


Volumes One, Two and Three of the Up-Ending Tad series:
Loser Takes All
Test of Endurance
Sideline Submission

Warning: Contains gloriously explicit gay sex.
Intended for mature audiences only.


(All reviews originally posted on Goodreads)


Not really an m/m romance gal but I gave this a try because when a Goodreads friend says it’s good, it’s gotta be good:D This is only the 2nd m/m story I’ve read. The 1st one was more of a novelty for me, just so I can say I’ve read one O.o But I think that was also meant for non m/m readers like me, ie, meant to break one in gently into the m/m rom world. Now this, when I say it pushed my limits, it quite pushed my limits. Hello, BDSM too! But I also have to say that this is all kinds of holy hotness, ooof!

Now is there is a story? I didn’t think there is one per se but I guess there will be if one continues with the series. Yes, yes, it all started with the bet, and of course, not a word wasted in getting into the smexy times immediately, all in a span of hours at that. Then it just kinda’ stops. There is the inner struggle that Tad, in particular, was going thru as the event unfolds, and to me, it felt real. And a little uncomfortable, if that makes sense. Now, Scott, I’m curious to find out where he’s coming from…


Like that song said, "It's getting hot in here..." LOL

Seriously, if all m/m romance are like this one, then heck, I'll take em all! Ok, maybe not. While I'm still not fully into this genre, let's just say if it's Kora Knight, then I'll take em all! There! *grins*

Tad and Scott's story continues, or should I say more like the study of Tad's character continues. It's all about Tad not understanding what's happened in Loser Takes All yet not being able to help himself to see that something else is happening. It's endearing and I did feel empathy for him as he tries to make sense of things. Poor Tad, such confusing times! I can't even get annoyed at his conflicting thoughts as I can feel it's a huge deal for him. Notwithstanding the smexy time, if I may so myself...*g*

I've started the 3rd book, Sideline Submission, as I'm writing this because how can I not, with a non-ending ending like that (and that's a beef I had, if any, Kora, sorry), just like how the first one ended (or non-ended) too. And Scott, I still wish to get to know him more. I'm getting him, but not getting him fully at the same time. But hey, this is Tad's "story" after all...

HOLY H-E-double-hockey-sticks!!

And I mean that in the hottest way! And umm, in a confused way too...

It was definitely nice to see Tad starting to at least acknowledge this thing that's happening between him and Scott beyond the bedroom... well, so to speak, seeing that they actually haven't done it in an actual bed, let alone a bedroom. Hah!

I thought it was nice to see them interacting without all the awkwardness from Tad, feeling their connection outside the "act" itself. But then it veered into BDSM land courtesy of Scott's roommate, and we're not talking vanilla-ized BDSM. I admit it was a tad uncomfortable and definitely pushed my limits (even past how this genre is pushing it). Having said that, I thought it was interesting to see how that was used as a vehicle to move their relationship (half?) a step forward.

I keep searching for a deeper layer to Scott but I'm seeing only what Tad sees, and I realize that's ok. It did feel like I saw more of him here, for sure. And Tad, in similar fashion as in the previous books, drives away again at the non-end. Only this time, it feels hopeful and not as confused...

Now I just have to wait for the next book...

Stay tuned for the rest.

Thanks for dropping by!


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