Tuesday, 15 December 2015

RELEASE BLITZ: Kandace and the Beast by Shay Savage

Surprise Release from Shay Savage!

Kandace has no idea how she came to be on the beach of a deserted tropical island with the book boyfriend of her dreams, Bastian Stark. He’s fierce and passionate. He’s rough yet protective. He’s ready to give her everything she wants and more.

She doesn’t know how finds herself under Bastian’s spell, but she knows being with him is going to be an experience she will never forget.


I drop my gaze to his full lips. He moistens them with his tongue, and I know exactly what he’s about to do. My whole body seems to know. There’s a tingling sensation starting at the bottom of my feet and working its way up my legs. I feel sweat beginning to form between my shoulder blades.

He crashes his mouth to mine. This is no gentle first kiss. There is no build up, no pause before he touches his lips to mine. His kiss possesses me with no room for argument, no option but to surrender to his will. By the time he breaks away, I’m panting, and the stubble from his chin has left my skin raw.

The kiss feels amazing.

“I need you.” His tone is quiet and deep. It sends a shiver up and down my spine even before he reaches out and grasps me tightly around the waist. 

*** On that note, I want to point out that this is a special release. Kandace is a real person fighting a real fight. I don't know her personally but in certain book blogging community, you run into the same names enough that strangers become familiar quickly. Shay Savage has written this specially for Kandace.

So on that note, thought I'd include this message from Shay...

To bloggers, authors, and readers,

Kandace Milostan is a special person, and special people deserve special gifts during the holiday season. So many people have gathered to support Kandace and her family. My newsfeed is constantly filled with messages of support and pictures of gifts people have sent. I suck at trying to come up with an inspirational quote or the perfect gift, but I knew I wanted to do something for her to show how much she means to me. This little tale is it.

Kandace has always gone on about Bastian Stark, up to and including replacing promo media with her own face. I figured it was time to let her fantasy come true.

Proceeds will be donated to Kandace’s medical expenses.

Please help me get the word out about this novella. The more people who buy it, the higher the donation to Kandace.

Thank you all so much!

Shay Savage

Thanks for dropping by!


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