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REVIEW: Money Shot (Selected Sinners MC, Book 6) by Scott Hildreth


“Vince” is a member of the Selected Sinners MC, an enforcer, and an administrator of justice. He is the real-life book boyfriend most women dream of. Handsome, tattooed, covered in muscles, and very alpha, he appears to be a dream come true. One thing most of his MC brothers do not realize about him is that he spends his nights reading romance novels, and has since he was a kid. He lives by a set of moral standards most men wouldn’t even dream of attempting, and enjoys Sunday dinners with his mother and her dog.

Sienna Boyco is a book reviewer who enjoys music, wine, and reviewing books; primarily MC Romance novels. She has dreamt of one day being swept off her feet by the men she reads about in her books. One night, after two bottles of wine and two book reviews, her doorbell rings.

And on her front porch stands a stranded biker.

A trip to the gas station leads to a talk about books, and a friendship develops.

But after divorcing his wife of 15 years for cheating, Vince has very little trust in women and no interest in a relationship.

Sienna, on the other hand, will take what she can get and hope in time things will change.

Is it possible for a book reviewer with no history of criminal activity or violence to actually fall in love with a real life biker?

Sienna intends to find out.

Money Shot is a stand alone erotic romance with an HEA. There is no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and there are no club whores. No other book is required to tell this tale, and the novel may be enjoyed as a stand alone. To fully understand the intricacies of all of the ancillary characters, the series should be read as a whole. Money Shot is Book VI in the Selected Sinners Series of MC Romance novels. Please be over 18 to enjoy this story, as it contains violence, sex, and more sex.


To start with, this was generously gifted by Scott himself. He stated it's a good introduction to his writing… It’s the 6th book in the series but it is standalone...

The blurb itself says it nicely, about what you're in for when you read this. Vince and Sienna met when Vince ran out of gas and ended up at Sienna’s doorstep. It’s a friends to lovers story; not the childhood friends type, but more like a relationship built on friendship.

Sienna is a book blogger, interestingly enough; a h too familiar on one hand and not so much on the other. Vince is a member of Selected Sinners MC, “debt collector” by “trade”, a true loner, and avid reader to boot. So in a roundabout way, it’s a match made in heaven.

This is more introspective than I expected. I got to see a bit of Vince’s MC lifestyle but this is not about the MC at all. This is about Vince and his thoughts on life and love, learning to love again, that is. This is about Sienna just wanting to find the right kind of love. She didn't necessarily have the happiest of life, not quite meager but certainly lacking. It felt lonely and melancholic, almost tragic. Outside her book blogging, there didn't seem much that drive her or make her happy, until she met Vince, that is. I admit Sienna and her book blogging ways are strange only because I don’t blog that way, but I can easily imagine one of my fellow bloggers going thru the process she goes thru, glug-glug… hah!

Sienna was such as an easygoing h with no melodrama and a lot of sense of humor, melike! Vince, I don’t get to read a lot of H like him. He’s a total introvert. He's got his own sense of humor which got me chuckling a few times. He’s quite an odd duck, and he himself recognizes that. He’s quite the romantic but not in a cheesy rolling-my-eyes way. He’s quite jaded and closed off due to past experiences so when he opened up, it’s like being handed a gift.

This is an even-paced story that focused on the relationship building. It’s about examining emotions and its impact. No extreme highs… it’s about seeing them in their respective worlds, it’s about seeing them getting to know each other better… As a matter of fact, I was really liking it, savoring each page and enjoying seeing things thru each other’s lenses. And for an erotic romance, dare I say, that there aren't too many smexy scenes, but you know what, each of those scenes drove the story, which I appreciated more.

Where the book lost me a bit were the parts that felt superfluous like some of the details of Sienna’s book blogging world, or some parts that felt conveniently resolved but that’s just probably me looking for some angst. And I think my biggest gripe was the conflict that drove the climax of the story. This is all personal take, of course. It felt a tad shallow. Believe me, I get it, but it didn’t mean that I agreed with it. I didn’t understand Sienna’s reactions initially but I eventually did. She was made a bigger person in my mind because it showed how she truly understood Vince. I guess I didn't get Vince as well as Sienna did or I thought I did. But Vince who turned into this sanctimonious prick redeemed himself luckily. I suppose in the end, I appreciated seeing the growth in his thought process. And hey, I'm all about the grand gesture, so I say, Vince, you did good!

Also, I do have to give a shout out to Vince’s mom and Bradley. Gotta love em!

Lastly, I gotta say that having had the pleasure of interacting with Scott in an author chat, he’s easily one of the most open, inclusive and generous authors I’ve encountered virtually. And for Scott to write in the genre he’s writing, I think he’s carving out a nice niche for himself with his stories and writing style to make him not just a novelty in a sea of female romance authors. Not bad, not bad at all… (not that anyone cares, just IMO hehe)

Next up on my Scott's read... hmmm, I think Scott recommended Karter... wait, maybe the rest of the Selected Sinners books... decisions, decisions...

Thanks for dropping by!


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