Sunday, 28 August 2016

REVIEW: Dominate by Tara West


Dominate, A Drazen World Novella

Two months. That’s how much time I have to woo Hollywood before I have to go back to my job in Houston, teaching high school drama. I don’t have time to be patient, and I damn well am not about to settle for being a stereotype. They got the wrong Latina if they think Ariana Delarosa Alvarado is going to play by their rules.

I’ve got my own set of rules, especially in the bedroom, and I plan on enforcing them between auditions. I can think of no better way to relieve my stress than by seducing my neighbor, tall, toned, and delicious Dr. Brad Thorensen. I only hope I don’t scare away my Nordicgod before teaching him how to enjoy my brand of kink.



No offense to Tara, but this surprised me in a good way. For a short read, I got a full story, which was nice. That’s always challenging with reads of this length.

As part of the Drazen world that CD Reiss originally created, this story is about Brad and Ariana. If you’re familiar with CD’s Submission series, Brad is the doctor neighbour that seemed to have caught the fans’ attention, including mine. So much so that I, as a fan, have wondered what makes him tick. In Tara’s hands, Brad, as it turns out, knows how to submit, how about that!

But before I get ahead of myself, this is actually from Ariana’s POV, a character that may be familiar, according to Tara, if you’ve read one of her own series. Anyways, Ariana has quite an edge to her and very specific needs in the bedroom. You slowly learn why that is, as the story unfolds. For a short read, Tara managed to make me understand and get her. She sold me the heat between Brad and Ariana. I suppose this could’ve had the potential to be dark and really angst-y had it been a full length novel. As it is, I thought I still got a decent full story of a broken h and a H who was the right fit (and dare I say “right fit”? hehe) for her. And as much as I would've wanted to see Brad's POV, I thought it was smart of Tara to focus my attention on Ariana.

I knew I dug this story and Tara’s writing when I found myself wondering if I own any of Tara’s books in my TBR shelf, and turns out I do! So off I look at my calendar to see when I can fit them in… hopefully…

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