Tuesday, 2 August 2016

TOP 5 Romance Heroines

A (looong) while back, I did a Top 5 BBFs (Book Boyfriends). I can easily do a new edition of that, no doubt. But then what's the point of Top 5, right? Might as well make it Top 50 or 100, or... I can keep going.

I thought why haven't I done one for romance heroines. Granted, just like most women, I'm hero-centric when it comes to my romance reads. BUT the heroine can also make or break the story for me. No TSTL or wishy-washy heroines for me, pls. I see that enough in RL, thank you very much.

On that note, here's my Top 5 heroines in romance:

1.) CD Reiss' heroines
Monica Faulkner (Submission series)... Incidentally, Jonathan Drazen, her H, is also in my Top 5!
Theresa Drazen (Corruption series)
Laine Cartwright (Shuttergirl)
Vivian Foster (Hardball)
I realize this is kinda' cheating but in addition to her lyrical writing, engaging stories, smokin' hot H's, CD has also given me heroines worth their weight in salt.

2.) Jillian Knight aka Jessica Day (Jack and Jill series by Jewel E Ann)
Jillian aka Jessica is quite a unique h. She had tons of sh!t to deal with but I love how her feistiness shines through.

3.) Em Hayes (Devil's Game by Joanna Wylde)
Em surprised me in a way. She's the youngest in the bunch here. She's got so much spirit and fight in her, she's definitely wise beyond her years.

4.) Melody Giovanni (Ruthless People series by JJ Mcavoy)
Melody's got balls, to say the least. The head of a mafia family, she has to, doesn't she!

5.) Tyra Masters (Motorycyle Man by Kristen Ashley)
Tack, her H, is one of my Top 5 BBF, and Tack obviously needs someone equally deserving. She is strong in her own rights, with the right amount of quirkiness. Gah!

This list can also have extended editions, but interestingly enough, doubt that it would be as long as my H list. I don't think that's strange at all. We're talking romance here after all...

... is it just me? What makes a worthy h for you?

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